September 2010

September 28, 2010: Unit Testing with Mock Objects

This month at the Sunjug, we will learn how to incorporate mock object frameworks into our unit testing. Mock objects enables us to test components in isolation, without relying on classes outside of the class being tested.

Two mocking frameworks for java will be presented.

The first framework is Mockito. Mockito provides a more natural form of unit testing as compared to other mocking frameworks that are based on an expect-run-verify approach (ex. EasyMock,jMock).

For more information on Mockito an how it compares to other mocking frameworks, see:

Ravi will also speak briefly on Spock, a groovy based mocking framework. The advantage of Spock over any Java based mocking framework is: a: Groovy syntactic sugar and b: Easier to read tests.

Our speaker:

Ravi Hasija, is a software engineer and has been actively involved in web development for past 4 years, Ravi currently working at Andesa where he uses GWT, Hibernate, and other JavaEE related technologies (JSPs, EJB etc)

Ravi writes:

I am an avid Java/J2EE/Groovy/Grails developer and am always looking to expand my knowledge of the rich tool set available in the Java ecosystem. I consider software engineering part art part science. To me developing a program is creating art. Needless, to say I love the aesthetics of developing using different frameworks with the end goal of creating something beautiful, that pleases one's soul.

Food and refreshments will be provided by Tek Systems

The event will be hosted by Community Foundation of Sarasota, located at 2635 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34237, which is west of exit 210 off I75.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 6-6:45 PM: Networking
  • 6:45 - 8:30 PM: Presentation
All Are welcome
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