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September 19 2007: It’s Spring Time in the Enterprise Web

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Since its introduction in 2002, the Spring Framework (often simply called “Spring”) has reshaped the way many Java architects and coders approach Java-based solutions. Through its popularity, terms like Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection have become part of the daily vernacular for thousands of Application Programmers worldwide. Spring offers features useful to any Java project. These include specialty capabilities when dealing with databases, web applications, messaging, and management (JMX). The framework also covers additional common and emerging technology areas, such as Aspect Oriented programming.

Spring’s highly abstracted approach to various application patterns positions it as the “framework of frameworks”, allowing it to compliment and extend functionality to existing and future frameworks for data (such as Hibernate, JDO, iBATIS and db4o), web (JSP, FreeMarker, Velocity, Tiles, iText, and POI), and other technology frameworks and tooling. Its popularity is exemplified in the fact that BEA now uses Spring directly in its popular Weblogic Application Server (see Why we used Spring).

The September 2007 meeting of the Sarasota Java User’s group will see a survey of the dependency injection features of Spring— the primary every-day-used feature of any Java developer using Spring. This will be followed by an overview of the Spring MVC (Model View Controller) architecture including how to integrate Spring with various web technologies.

Given the vastness of Spring, only a fraction of the capabilities will be revealed. Yet, with plenty of live examples for subsequent download and a diligent follow-up of Spring’s fantastic documentation (some of the best available in the open source community), attendees not familiar with Spring will have a base to build from while those currently using Spring may learn of new features or underlying architecture points previously unknown.

Spring and its principles are here to stay and relevant to the Java ( and .NET (see developer for years to come. Come and learn how this technology can help improve your day-to-day productivity and application flexibility.

About the Speaker

Doug Johnson is an experienced practitioner in Business Process Management consulting. He has played a strong role in the successful architectures and hands-on deployments at some of the largest Financial, Government, and Retail Institutions in the world. Such companies include Citibank, DISA (the Defense Information systems Organization), The Home Depot, and American Express. Doug’s common project experiences include complex system-to-system integration from mainframes to PDAs and human-centric (web-oriented) data processing throughout an organization.

Doug found success for four years in technical sales at IBM Global Services. In 2000, Mr. Johnson began employment with Metastorm (, leading provider of pure play Business Process Management software. During this tenure, Doug performed technical sales and system engineering duties as well as Product Management functions for the multiplatform Metastorm Integration Manager. In 2006, Mr. Johnson expanded these experiences to include a new level of information collaboration: highly mobile and context-aware (location, language, role, time, network, etc.) software at the Swedish-based Appear Networks, Inc. ( Solutions during this time included mission-critical real-time video analytics and security solutions to mobile PDAs over a Wi-Fi network as well as mobility projects providing enhanced fire-safety solutions for the transportation sector. In 2007, Doug re-joined Metastorm during their expansion into Enterprise Architecture–through the acquisition of Proforma Corporation,–where he now consults with companies on planning for and the implementing of end-to-end process and system architecture improvements.

Preceding these experiences, Doug’s education included an M.B.A in Marketing and Technology from the University of South Florida. Additionally, he holds a B.A. in Violin Performance, having studied at the prestigious Tanglewood and Encore Music Festivals.

The event will be hosted by FCCI Insurance Group. FCCI located at
6300 University Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34240, which is just east
of exit 213 off I75.
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Food and refreshments will be provided by TRC Staffing Services