March 2010

This month, the Sarasota Java Users group explores Grails. Grails is a web application development platform that uses the Groovy language. Grails runs on top of technologies you know and love such as Java, Spring, and Hibernate.

This presentation is about introducing Grails and some of the benefits it provides. Ravi will be presenting the following sub topics:
1. Why Grails?
2. A simplistic web site in 5 minutes, maybe 2 :)
3. Grails is based on groovy: so a brief tour of Groovy features that makes coding super fun!
4. Convention over configuration.
5. Scaffolding.
6. Dynamic methods based on Model. No need of DAOs.
7. Easy database integration
8. Integration with Hibernate/Spring outside project

Our speaker, Ravi Hasija, is a software engineer and has been actively involved in web development for past 4 years, Ravi currently working at Andesa where he uses GWT, Hibernate, and other JavaEE related technologies (JSPs, EJB etc)

Food will be provided by Blink Technologies

Blink Technologies is a Sarasota based web shop established in 2005 offering RIA web development, design,
linux hosting and networking services.

The event will be hosted by Community Foundation of Sarasota, located at 2635 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34237, which is west of exit 210 off I75.

Meeting Schedule:
6-6:45 PM: Networking
6:45 - 8:00 PM: Presentation