July 2012

July's topic will be an end to end Maven developed web application built on a Jenkins continuous integration server and deployed to Nexus repository and Tomcat server presented by Doug Rothauser, Senior Java Application Server Administrator at FCCI Insurance Group.

Continuous Integration is not just about automatically building and testing software, but can also help in the broader context of the software product development and release life cycle. In many organizations, the life of a particular version of an application or product starts out in development. When it is deemed ready, it is passed on to a QA team for testing. If they consider the version acceptable, they pass it on to selected users for more testing in a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. And if the users are happy, it is shipped out into production. Of course, there are almost as many variations on this as there are software development teams, but one common principle is that specific versions of your software are selected, according to certain quality-related criteria, to be “promoted” to the next stage of the life cycle. This is known as build promotion, and the broader process is known as a build pipeline.

An important part of any build pipeline is a well-defined release strategy. This involves, among other things, deciding how and when to cut a new release, and how to identify it with a unique label or version number. If you are working with Maven projects, using the Maven Release plugin to handle version numbers comes as a highly recommended practice.

 The agenda consists of:

  • Utilize Servlet 3.0 and JAX-WS RI
  • Maven unit testing with Surefire plugin
  • Maven functional/integration testing with Failsafe plugin
  • Automated web-application testing using Selenium Maven plugin
  • Creating a build pipeline using Maven, Jenkins, Git and Nexus

John Holton of RITA Technologies. John was able to hook me up, so if you are looking for employment prospects get in contact with him.

stout.jpgI will bring samples of my Brewsmith Rye Ale. Freshly brewed by a true Brewmeister emoticon_smile

Wednesday, July 25th at 6:00 PM.

The event will be hosted by Community Foundation of Sarasota, located at 2635 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34237, which is west of exit 210 off I75. http://g.co/maps/c84e5