January 2007

Web2.0 and Java

January Meeting

Thursday January 11th 2007, 6:30-9PM.

Topic: Web2.0 and Java

Community, metadata, ranking and websites that grow over time are attributes of Web2.0. What else? Come to serene Sarasota, dip your toes in snowy, sugar sand and watch the sunset. Then, stroll over to the first meeting of the Sarasota Java User Group and find out. Mike Levin will tell you all about Web2.0 and even show you some snippets in Java. We’ll talk about mashups, semantics, custom RSS feeds based on smart filters, tags and tag clouds, and a glimpse into the future. We’ll check out a fantastically popular Web2.0 website and do a feature walkthrough so you’ll be clear about the Web2.0 features. You’ll walk away with some facts and a few ideas that might inspire you to write your own Web2.0 website.

Presentation Material (PPT)


About Mike Levin

Raised on TexMex and BBQ on the Gulf Coast, college in Texas, then lived in Prague and Dublin and traveled the world for a bit before settling in Florida. Mike is a software developer and small business owner (www.cambridgeweb.ie) specializing in Web2.0 websites and custom software development. Mike heads up the OrlandoJUG (www.orlandoJUG.org), GatorJUG (www.gatorJUG.org), and just co-founded the (drumroll) West African Java User Group (www.senejug.org). He loves to blog (www.mikelevin.net) and also produces a popular podcast called Swampcast (www.swampcast.com). You can reach him at mike at swampcast dot com.