February 2007

Application Security

February Meeting
Wednesday February 21th 2007, 6:30-9PM.
Topic: Application Security
Let's admit it: the majority of application development projects address security last or when something has gone wrong. Current software development practices and methodologies pay little attention to security or does not mention it at all in the development cycle. However, secure computing is becoming critical with the almost ubiquitous rise of connected devices from laptops, cellphones to game consoles.

At the next Java User Group meeting, speaker John Collins will provide a comprehensive overview of computing security. Topics will include:

  • An overview of industry and security trends
  • A definition of terms to be used
  • Demonstrations of specific software exploits and countermeasures
  • Reflection on organizational paradigms that fuel unsecured software development
  • Recommended changes to the software development process that can lead to more secure code releases and less corporate
  • liability

Presentation Material (PDF)

About the Speaker
John holds degrees in education, communication, computer science and currently working to complete a Masters in information assurance . He began developing in Java in 1998 for a DoD contract and has worked in the defense, B2B, transportation, and pharmaceutical sectors. Current interests include kernel subversion and use of RSS feeds to propagate Malware.